Late Iron Age Gold Ring with Garnet


A Pre-Viking gold finger ring with a decorative garnet plaque. The ring features a round section band joined to a bell-shaped plaque. This is adorned with an inset garnet cloisonné. Two gold applied granules terminate each end of the band.

1.7cm overall, 1.6cm internal diameter

Closest UK ring size: H

Date: Circa 6th-7th century AD
Provenance: From the Abelita family collection, acquired London, UK, 1980-2015.
Condition: Fine condition. Some encrustation to the plaque.


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The period of history from 500 BC to AD 800 constitutes Northern Europe’s Iron Age, or Nordic Iron Age. From AD 1 – 400 Roman rule dominates and the period is known as the Roman Iron Age. Following the collapse of Roman power the main significant power is the Merovingian Kingdom, a Frankish ruling dynasty, who held power from the middle of the 5th century to the 8th century. There is no significant Nordic ruling party until the emergence of the Vikings. Evidence from burials and archaeological finds from the pre-Viking period show a rich Roman influence, and satirically is known as the ‘Golden Age’ due to the large number of gold-made items found.

Weight 1.13 g
Dimensions W 1.7 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

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