Late Mediaeval Silver Gilt Seal Ring


A finely modelled European Late Medieval silver ring, featuring a round bezel, segmented shoulder and an elevated rectangular-shaped gilded silver bezel, engraved with the depiction of two rampant dogs. The depiction to the bezel might be of a heraldic inspiration. UK ring size M.

Date: Circa 16th-17th Century AD
Provenance: Ex. Faustus Gallery, Jermyn Street
Condition: Fine. The ring is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Seal rings, such as this beautiful example, were one of the most popular Medieval piece of jewellery, worn by both men and women across all levels of society. Signet rings were not only worn for decorative purposes, but also because of their functionality. They were used to create a unique signature, by pressing the ring’s bezel into the sealing wax. Such rings could have been engraved with a merchant’s mark, an initial, an intriguing rebus or with a heraldic imaginary. The heraldic signet ring became popular within the aristocracy from the 15th, baring different types of representation, usually worn to the thumb.

Weight 7 g
Dimensions W 1.6 cm



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