Late Roman Silver Ring with Palm Intaglio


A finely rendered Ancient Roman silver ring, of an elongated oval shape, featuring slightly expanding shoulders and a bezel engraved with a stylised palm branch. The intaglio might have been used to authenticate or sign documents. UK ring size C.

Date: Circa 3rd Century AD
Condition: Extremely fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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The ancient Romans enjoyed wearing jewellery, especially rings, as a way to demonstrate their wealth and social status in the Roman society. Rings could have been modelled in gold, silver or bronze, and enriched by precious and semi-precious stones, or even glass. Some rings would have included an incised bezel, which might have been used to authenticate or sign documents. Intaglios included decorative motives driven from mythology, literature or from the personal life of the owner. Specifically, the palm branch was a Classic symbol of victory and triumph, but was also associated with the triumphal entry of Jesus in Jerusalem on Palm Sunday, as mentioned in the Gospel of John.

Weight 2.25 g
Dimensions W 1.8 cm



Reference: For a similar item, The British Museum, item number AF.209