Medieval Bronze and Gold Plated Ring with Saints


A beautiful Medieval cast-bronze ring, with gold plating on the inside band and the low relief details on the bezel. The bezel features two stylised figures of saints with nimbuses above their heads. The figure to the left appears male, whilst the figure to the right is represented as a stylised female with her hair covered. A small stylised figure, most likely a child, sits between them. Given the nature of the composition, most likely the figures represented are those of the Holy Family, that is Joseph, Mary and Jesus. The figures are framed by a band of indented circles. The outside of the band is adorned with a spiralling pattern, inlaid with deep blue, red, and green details. The band is wider at the front and narrows considerably towards the back.

Closest UK ring size: K.

Date: Circa 14th - 16th Century AD
Condition: Good condition. Some wear to the gold plating on the inside of the ring, revealing the bronze beneath, and some loss of inlay on the outside of the band.


Gold and silver rings were the most popular piece of jewellery to be worn in Medieval times by both men and women. Not only were they a way to display wealth and social status but they were also used as tokens of love and to ward-off misfortune. The rings were placed on all fingers and at different joints on the hands. Gold and silver rings embellished with gems and precious stones were worn by royalty and nobility. This ring is mostly ornamental in design. Its function, unlike a signet ring or marriage ring, was purely as a display of wealth.

Weight 4.1 g
Dimensions W 2.1 x H 1.2 cm




Christian Ideology

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