Medieval Bronze Ring with Gemstones


A Medieval bronze ring featuring a round loop, with four dark and light blue glass stones encased in a bronze framed bezel. The design is symmetrical with the same two glass pieces situated at the top and bottom and the other two left and right. The bezel has been attached to the loop which is embellished with two continuous horizontal line incisions. Some earthly encrustation now covers the glass.

Closest UK ring size: K.

Date: Circa 12th-15th Century AD
Condition: Fine Condition, patination covers the surface of the bronze.


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Rings were one of the most popular Medieval pieces of jewellery, worn by both men and women across all levels of society. Extravagant rings decorated with gemstones, at first glance, immediately gave the impression of a strong social standing. The use of bronze however suggests this ring was possessed by somebody towards the mid to lower end of the hierarchy ladder.

Weight 3.5 g
Dimensions L 1.8 x W 2 cm