Medieval Christian Ring with Engraved Cross


A well-preserved Medieval solid bronze signet ring, featuring a round hoop, with the front engraved with a cross. The ring is covered with green and brown patina. UK ring size M.

Date: Circa 12th-13th Century AD
Condition: Extremely fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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Signet rings occur in various ancient civilizations, as they were used to “sign” documents through the impression on hot wax of the symbol on the ring, which would lead to the owner. During the Medieval period, seal rings were widely used in trading to ensure the authenticity and security of a document or letter. The social status of the owner was reflected in the size and media of such seal rings, with the combination of motives engraved on the bezel providing further insight into the owner’s identity, such as their place in a family. Bronze rings with Christian symbols, as seen on this fine example, would have been worn in everyday life as a sign of faith and devotion.

Weight 5.5 g
Dimensions W 1.9 cm