Medieval Gilded Silver Posy Ring

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A Late Medieval gilded silver posy ring dated to the 15th-16th century. The ring features a oval loop, with engraved letter T, repeated three times across the band. The original gilding is visible to the internal part of the ring. UK ring size P.

Date: Circa 16th-17th Century AD
Provenance: Ex. Faustus Gallery, Jermyn Street.
Condition: Fine, the ring has been resized. The ring is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Rings were one of the most popular Medieval piece of jewellery, worn by both men and women across all levels of society. During the Middle Ages, rings were also exchanged as tokens or gifts of love.  Such rings were referred to in Medieval Times as resons, but from at least 1430 as posies, and they were usually inscribed with mottoes or amatory short phrases. From the 15th century posy rings featured a plain hoop, usually with a rounded exterior, and they were engraved internally or externally with letters or words. Posy rings from Medieval period mostly had the words engraved around the outside of the band. The three repeated letters T on the external surface of this fine ring might be referred to the popular Medieval motto, Time, Trieth, Truth. Interesting, the motto Time, Trieth, Truth was quoted by the humanist Thomas Moore in his Supplications of Souls (1529).


Weight 3.6 g
Dimensions W 2 cm