Medieval Gold Posy Ring with French Inscription

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An exquisite and elaborate Medieval gold finger ring featuring a wide solid band divided into 5 large compartments, interspersed with 5 smaller sections. Each compartment is inscribed with text in French gothic script, the start of the phrase indicated by an inscribed cross. The smaller sections are decorated with a radiate star pattern, coloured with white enamel.

The inscription reads: “Je vous tien, tenez-moi”, which translates to “I hold you, hold me”.

UK ring size P.

Date: Circa 15th century AD
Condition: Excellent. Some of the enamelling has worn away.


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Gold rings were popular jewellery pieces in Medieval times, worn by both man and woman, not only as a way to display wealth and social status but also as tokens of love and to ward-off misfortune. Posy rings were bands of gold inscribed, either on the outside or inside, with significant text and usually given during courtship or as a sign of affection. The word ‘posy’ comes from the French ‘poesie’, meaning poetry. Such rings were especially popular during the 15th-17th centuries. The inscriptions used were often pieces from popular poetry or standard phrases of affection.

Weight 7.16 g
Dimensions W 1.8 cm



Reference: For Similar Inscription: The British Museum, London, item AF.562