Medieval Gold Ring with Garnet


A fine Medieval ring cast from gold featuring a circular bezel enriched with eight radiating arms and a central garnet inset. A single row of granules frames the semi-precious stone, a gold round hoop has been added later in antiquity.

UK closest ring size: H

Date: Circa 14th-16th century AD
Provenance: Formerly from a late Japanese gentleman's collection, 1970-2010
Condition: Fine Condition, slight crack in two of the radiating arms.

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Gold rings were the most popular piece of jewellery to be worn in Medieval times by both men and women. Not only were they a way to display wealth and social status but they were also used as tokens of love and to ward-off misfortune. The rings were places on all fingers and at different joints on the hands. Gold and silver rings embellished with gems and precious stones were worn by royalty and nobility. By the fifteenth century the scalloped design on bezels became highly desired, a flower like resemblance with a gem placed in the centre. More elaborate patterns included decorative shoulders with foliage, flowers, scrolls and even mythical creatures.

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Dimensions W 1.4 cm



Semi-Precious Stones

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