Medieval Golden Ring


An exquisite and elaborate Medieval gold finger ring featuring a round loop and a relatively wide band rendered in open-work technique, bordered by a twisted gold wire. The ring’s band includes eleven circular voids, each bordered by a twisted gold wire, rendered in filigree. Between each pair of voids a small hoop with fillet runs through, creating a pleasant motif. UK ring size G.

Date: 12th-14th century
Condition: Fine, with part of the ring’s band damaged.


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Gold rings were popular jewellery pieces in Medieval times, worn by both man and woman, not only as a way to display wealth and social status but also as tokens of love and to ward-off misfortune. Filigree and granulation were two of the most prominent techniques used to decorate and embellish Medieval jewels. The effect of filigree is created by intertwining metal threads in richly varied patterns, while granulation is rendered by attaching or embedding tiny metal grains or small spheres to the jewel’s surface.


Weight 2.3 g
Dimensions W 1.5 cm