Medieval Silver Ring with Quatrefoil Bezel


A Medieval cast bronze ring featuring a round hoop and a bezel shaped like quatrefoil of four-leaf clover. Each leaf is finely detailed with incised lines, emulating the natural vein of the leaves. UK ring size R.

Date: Circa 12th-13th Century AD
Condition: Fine. This ring is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Rings were one of the most popular Medieval pieces of jewellery, worn by both men and women across all levels of society. The imagery of quatrefoil was used in Medieval Europe in heraldry and as a decorative motif for jewellery. Rings bearing a quatrefoil were worn as good luck charm. However, the quatrefoil became a popular motif in Christian symbology and iconography, always associated with the four gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Weight 0.4 g
Dimensions W 1.3 cm



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