Medieval Silver Signet Ring


A well-preserved Medieval silver signet ring featuring a round hoop, and a pronounced oval bezel engraved with a symmetrical geometric motif including a floral scroll pattern. There is a small amount of earthy encrustation to the surface.

Closest UK ring size L. 


Date: Circa 12th-13th Century AD
Condition: Excellent Condition


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Signet rings occurred in various ancient civilizations, as they were used to “sign” documents through the impression of the symbol on the ring pressed in to hot wax. During the Medieval period, seal rings were widely used in trading to ensure the authenticity and security of a document or letter. The social status of the owner was reflected in the size and media of such seal rings. Different motives or the family crest would be engraved on the bezel which provided further insights into the owner’s identity, such as their place in a family. All markings were engraved backwards to ensure the design would be in the correct position once pressed.

Weight 4.8 g
Dimensions L 1.8 cm



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