Phoenician Scaraboid Swivel Gold Ring

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An Ancient Phoenician black stone scarab mounted on a gold swivel ring, featuring a D-section hoop. An intricate gold frame holds the amulet, comprising a band of continuous gold circles and granules, slightly damaged to one side. To the top, the frame forms a X-design with a herringbone pattern, executed in gold and enriched by a small cabochon garnet set at its centre. The stone amulet presents a flat base engraved with crude depiction of a scarab.

Closest UK ring size: M.

Date: Circa 6th-4th century BC
Condition: Good condition with mobile swivel. The gold frame is damaged to one side, the incised base of the scarab is slightly worn.


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In Ancient Phoenicia, as in many ancient societies, jewellery was an important social marker used to demonstrate wealth, social status and privilege. The amuletic nature of this ring is to attribute to the scarab, which, despite being a uniquely Egyptian innovation, soon became integrated into many neighbouring cultures that were in contact with the Ancient Egyptians, such as the Phoenicians. This ring therefore represents the combination of different characteristics, showing the inter-connectivity of various civilisations in the ancient world through well-established trade routes, with different peoples often borrowing styles and artistic techniques from one another.

Weight 5 g
Dimensions W 2.5 x H 2.7 cm




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