Rare Viking Bronze Finger Ring


A beautifully patinated bronze Viking finger ring. The elongated oval-shaped bezel is decorated with a repoussé pattern of small to larger sized bumps with wigglework borders. The bezel continues to form a hoop with overlapping ends to allow for slight expansion.

Date: Circa 10 - 12th century AD.
Condition: Very Fine condition; a small stable crack along the equator of the ring, probably formed during the course of wear caused by the flexing of the finger.


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Both Viking men and women enjoyed wearing jewellery as an indicator of wealth and social status. Indeed, pieces were fashioned from a range of materials spanning bone to gold, with decoration influenced by the cultures that the Vikings had encountered on expeditions. In addition to a decorative purpose, Viking jewellery often boasted a practical purpose: brooches, for instance, were necessary for fastening clothes. Alternatively, the jewellery bore a religious purpose, with decorative images such as Thor’s Hammer wielding symbolic value.

Weight 6 g
Dimensions L 4 cm