Roman Bronze Ring with Engraved Bezel


An Ancient Roman bronze signet ring, featuring a D-shaped loop, with expanding shoulders, and a bezel finely engraved with the depiction of a dog chasing a volatile. Both animals are rendered in a naturalistically manner, with much attention given towards the rendering of the bird’s plumage and dog’s fur. UK ring size: G.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd century AD
Condition: Extremely fine, the ring is suitable for modern wear with care.


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Signet rings were frequently used in antiquity as authentication for documents or correspondence, as distinctive handwritten signatures were not yet commonly used for this purpose. The ring would have been pressed into hot wax to seal the document with a personal emblem. Such emblems included motives driven from literature, mythology or scenes of everyday life, as seen on this beautiful example.

For more information about the meanings of animals in Roman art, see our relevant blog post: Animal Symbolism in Roman Art.

Weight 3.5 g
Dimensions W 1.5 cm