Roman Gold Ring with Garnet Intaglio of an Animal

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A fine example of an Ancient Roman high karat gold finger ring, featuring a round loop with expanding shoulders, and a round bezel set with a flat-topped garnet stone. The garnet intaglio has been nicely carved with the figure of an animal. Although it seems difficult to discern the exact nature of such an animal, the rendering of the fur might associate it with a wolf, an important symbol in Roman culture. The shoulders have been decorated with three spherical granules, situated in a triangular formation. Closest UK ring size H.

Date: Circa 1st-3rd Century AD
Provenance: Ex Abelita family collection, 1970s-2000s.
Condition: Extremely fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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Intaglio rings were a popular style of jewellery in Ancient Rome and have been uncovered across the full geographic extent of the former Roman Empire. The nature of their individual production meant that designs and details show a wide variety, though there are common themes, such as certain gods, which were especially popular along with more earthly themes such as animals and mortal figures which also appeared regularly. The custom of wearing gold rings spread during the Roman Empire, where jewellery became more and more elaborate, embracing new designs and techniques.

Although difficult to fully distinguish, the animal represented bears resemblance to a wolf, an important symbol in Roman history. In the foundation myth of Rome, the two legendary founders of the eternal city, Romulus and Remus, were nursed and cared for by a she-wolf. The wolf thus became a powerful symbol for the city and its inhabitants.

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Dimensions W 1.5 cm



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