Romano-Celtic Bronze Signet Ring with Chariot and Rider

£ 125.00

An Ancient Romano-Celtic cast bronze substantial signet finger ring featuring a circular hoop, thick, high bands and a circular bezel. The bezel is engraved with a crude depiction of a male figure facing left, possibly holding a sword and riding a chariot. The shank is decorated on the upper part with incised lines. UK ring size P.

Date: Circa 1st BC-4th Century AD
Condition: Fine, suitable for modern wear with care.


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Interestingly, as opposed to other civilisations, in the Roman Empire, chariots were not employed for warfare, but instead for racing or triumphal processions. A two-horse driven chariot such as the one possibly engraved on this ring was named a biga. This is an unusual and rare motif. Signet rings occur in various ancient civilizations, as they were used to “sign” documents through the impression on hot wax of the symbol on the ring. In the Roman Empire the use of seals was widely spread. Signet rings could feature an engraved gem, or like in the case of this ring, the image was directly created on the metal. Each ring was unique, displaying markings of the family crest or a symbol which would lead to the owner.

Weight 5.8 g
Dimensions W 2 cm