Selection of Bactrian Bronze Rings

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A selection of Bactrian rings cast from bronze each featuring a round-section hoop and a flattered bezel in the shape of either an oval, circle or rectangle. The bezels have been embellished with engravings; A and B and C display several incised lines forming a geometric motif.  Item D has a smooth, plain bezel framed by a raised band and item E depicts a central spiral. A, B and C have protrusions on either side of the bezel along the hoop.


Date: Circa 1st millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition, earthly encrustation and patination to the surface.
£ 65.00
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Bactria or Bactriana was an ancient country situated between the Hindu Kush and Amu Darya mountains. Its relevance centred around 600 BCE and 600 CE, as it served as a significant meeting place for Western and Eastern trade routes as well as being a central location for religious and artistic ideas. This meant large scale migration and resettlement of communities which resulted in a large circulation of new cultures and languages and an accumulation of vast wealth. Jewellery is such a wealth gained; these collections of rings pose as a suitable example.

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