Bronze Ring from Bactria

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A cast bronze rings from the Ancient region of Bactria. The ring features a round loop and a wide, round bezel, decorated with different geometric motives in low relief. Such rings would have been used as seals, pressed into clay or wax to mark one’s ownership. UK ring size M.


Date: Circa 2nd millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition, the rings are suitable for moder wear with care.


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Bactria was a historical region in Central Asia, it covered areas of modern-day Afghanistan, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan. Several important trade routes from India and China passed through Bactria from the Bronze Age onwards, which allowed for the accumulation of vast wealth by the predominantly nomadic population. Bronze rings, such as these nice examples, are ones of the most common finds.


Weight 12.95 g
Dimensions W 2.2 cm



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