Small Byzantine Silver Ring with Cross


A small early Byzantine silver ring consisting of a round hoop and a flat circular bezel. The bezel is incised with a cross with bifurcating ends, each finished with a small dot. Four small lines extend out from the centre and the image is framed by a row of dots, parts now faded with age.

Interior diameter: Circa 1.3cm
Closest UK ring size: C 1/2

Date: 12th-14th century AD
Provenance: Ex M.N. collection, 2000's
Condition: Fine condition, small scratches due to age.


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Byzantine jewellery was a full continuation of the Roman traditions. Production in the old jewellery centres of Alexandria and Antioch gave way to an increased production in Constantinople. In the Byzantine Empire jewellery played an important role. It acted as a way to express ones status and as a diplomatic tool. The Church Fathers, such as Clement of Alexandria, discouraged the wearing of any jewellery at all. However, they did permit Christians to wear one ring: rings with the seal of a family, a wedding ring, or rings bearing Christian symbols and inscriptions were deemed acceptable.

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Weight 0.96 g
Dimensions W 1.5 cm