Ancient Egyptian Rock Crystal Scarab Amulet


A fine Egyptian rock crystal scarab with details of the head vaguely visible. The surface is now worn due to age. The base is flat and undecorated. A longitudinal perforation goes through the centre of the bead for suspension.

Date: Circa 2030–1650 BC
Period: Middle Kingdom
Provenance: The property of a deceased female collector, UK, bought from the 1930’s-70s.
Condition: Fine condition. General signs of wear consistent with age. Minor encrustation to the surface.

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The ancient Egyptian scarab depicts the Egyptian dung beetle which is linked to the mythological death and rebirth of the sun god. The hieroglyphic sign represented by the dung beetle 𓆣 forms the ancient Egyptian verb “ḫpr” (Kheper) meaning “to come into being,”. The same sign also represents the deified morning sun -Khepri, who was thought to be reborn every morning in the form of the scarab beetle, bringing light and life to the land.

Rock crystal is a colourless, transparent form of quartz and is possibly known in ancient Egypt as “mnw -ḥḏ” (menew hedj) meaning “bright stone”. It is mainly quarried in the Western Desert between the Fayum and Bahariya Oasis and in Sinai. Gemstones such as rock crystals were used primarily in jewellery, amulets and decorative items and believed to carry religious significance and healing properties.

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Dimensions L 1.5 x W 1 x H 0.6 cm


Semi-Precious Stones

Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum, New York, item 20.1.149

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