Egyptian Diorite Funerary Scarab


A beautiful Egyptian funerary scarab, carved in diorite. The scarab is naturalistically modelled, with the back enhanced by engraved parallel lines. The underside features a small loop for sewing onto the bandage of the mummy.

Date: Circa 4th -1st century BC
Period: Late Period
Condition: Very fine


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The ancient Egyptians believed the Scarabeus Beetle was able to regenerate itself spontaneously from cow dung, which these beetles could be observed rolling into small balls and burying. Consequently, the scarab came to symbolise a spontaneous continuation of the life cycle. The Egyptians regarded the scarab as an embodiment of the creator god, who was accordingly self-engendered.

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Weight 10 g
Dimensions L 2.1 cm



Reference: Carol Andrews, 'Amulets of Ancient Egypt', item 59d