Egyptian Scarab Amulet for Ramesses II


A detailed Egyptian scarab amulet featuring an incised reverse, decorated with hieroglyphs. The scarab bears the symbols for the Pharaoh Ramesses II and includes part of his Throne name, or prenomen, the first royal name written in a cartouche. The symbols include the head of a dog, seated figure of the goddess Maat and the feather of Truth.

Transliterated as they are written, they would read:

wsr-mꜢꜤt-rꜤ  stp-n-rꜤ

Adding in the vowels:

weser-maat-re  re-setep-en

Translating as:

Powerful by the truth of Re, The Choice of Re

Date: 1279–1213 BC, 19th Dynasty
Period: New Kingdom
Provenance: Gustave Mustaki was an avid collector in the early 20th century, with his collection coming to the UK under Egyptian licence in 1947. Many of his pieces are in major museums worldwide, including the British Museum, the Getty Museum, and the Egyptian State Museum. We have purchased over 1700 scarabs from this collection, and this item has been catalogued by Carol Andrews (formerly Egyptian Department in the British Museum).
Condition: Excellent


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Ramesses II was one of Egypts greatest pharaohs. Beginning his reign in the 19th Dynasty, in the New Kingdom, he had one of the longest lasting reigns. He was known as the ‘Great Ancestor’ even amongst his own lineage and was known as a successful warrior and a great architect and builder. His cartouche can be found on many buildings and he is most famous for the Ramesseum in western Thebes and the rock temples of Abu Simbel.

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