Egyptian Scarab Gold Swivel Ring


A beautiful high karat gold swivel ring with a steatite scarab from Ancient Egypt. The ring is centred by a longitudinally pierced scarab, set within a gold frame and with features, such as the clypeus and prothorax, marked by single lines. On the reverse, are depicted two standing human figures. Although it is hard to distinguish their charactertistics, most likely they represent two Egyptian deities. Coiled gold wire descends from either side of the scarab to form a loop for wearing.

Date: Circa 1550-1077 BC
Period: New Kingdom
Provenance: Ex Abelita family collection, 1970s-2000s.
Condition: Extremely fine.


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The scarab beetle was an exceedingly popular symbol in the art of Ancient Egypt, thought to represent the sun god, Ra. The Ancient Egyptians believed that the scarab beetle rolling its ball of dung across the dessert mirrored the journey of the sun god, Ra, across the sky from day to night. As the beetle laid its eggs within the dung, it became a symbol of rebirth and regeneration. Accordingly, the sun god Ra was often depicted as a scarab beetle, or as a man with a scarab head, and the insect was believed to be lucky and protective.

The swivel ring has origins in both Phoenicia and Egypt and was an extremely popular accessory across the Mediterranean basin in Antiquity. Similar items have been found in Cyprus, Greece and Etruria, as well as in Egypt.

Weight 3.67 g
Dimensions L 2.5 cm





Reference: For Similar: The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, item 10.130.911

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