Egyptian Steatite Scarab for the Official Senebsuma


A steatite Egyptian scarab with incised features such as the clypeus, prothorax and elytra marked by single lines. The scarab has been decorated extensively to the reverse with inscribed hieroglyphs to form an official formula belonging to the royal Treasurer, Senebsuma.

The hieroglyphs transliterate as: ‘ smr jmj-r xtm.t snb-sw-mj’

This translates as: ‘The royal sealer, the unique associate, keeper of the seal, Senebsuma’

Date: Circa 1760–1670 BC
Period: Middle Kingdom, Dynasty 13
Provenance: Ex private London based collection, AH, formerly in English family collections acquired from the 1920s - 1990s.
Condition: Excellent condition. An unusually rare scarab. Some slight erosion to the rim.


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This scarab bears the titles and name of a 13th Dynasty official, the royal treasurer, Senebsuma. It also documents the changes that occurred during the late Middle Kingdom to the bureaucratic system which led to an increase in official scarab seal productions. Scarabs were mass produced to deal with demands and thousands bare the names and epithets of court officials. They were used for administrative purposes; to seal documents and monuments. The name Senebsuma has been documented on a high number of scarabs and stelae, attesting to the longevity of his role as treasurer and his influence.

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Weight 5.15 g
Dimensions L 2.3 cm



Reference: For Similar: The Petrie Museum, London, item UC11484