Egyptian Steatite Scarab with a Chariot Scene


A steatite Egyptian scarab beetle amulet with incised features such as clypeus, prothorax and elytra marked by single lines. The reverse is decorated with an incised chariot scene, the pharaoh trampling his horse-drawn chariot across his enemies.

Date: Circa 1292–1069 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period - Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 19 and 20
Provenance: from the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed a large collection in Alexandria (Egypt).
Condition: Very fine, clearly defined hieroglyphs. Some slight damage to one side.


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Hunting and battle scenes were common on scarabs from the end of the Ramesside Period to the early Third Intermediate Period, from the end of the 10thcentury BC. The meaning is particularly clear, the wearer wishing to smite down his enemies in much the same way as portrayed by a pharaoh trampling across his enemies.

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Weight 3.3 g
Dimensions L 2 cm




Reference: For Similar: The Isreal Museum, Jerusalem, item 76.031.4221