Egyptian Steatite Scarab with Hunting Scene


A steatite Egyptian scarab beetle amulet with incised features such as clypeus, prothorax and elytra marked by single lines. The reverse features an incised hunting scene, crudely rendered. The clearest depiction is of an animal, surrounded most likely by hunters.

Date: Circa 1070 - 900 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period, Dynasty 21-22
Provenance: From the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed a large collection in Alexandria (Egypt).
Condition: Fine condition. Slight chip to the base.


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Scarabs depicting hunting scenes were common during the Third Intermediate Period, circa 11th to 10th century BC. A large number of such amulets exist, suggesting they were mass produced. They are especially prolific in the Southern Levant region. It is unclear which animals are represent here but it was common to depict horned animals, such as ibexes and oryxes, as well as wild lions.


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Weight 2.05 g
Dimensions L 1.6 x H 1.2 cm