Egyptian Steatite Scarab with Incised Scorpions

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A steatite Egyptian scarab with incised hieroglyphs to the reverse.  The moulded obverse is detailed with particular attention paid to the carved head and humeral callosities. The reverse features two deeply inscribed scorpions, whose tails have been carved into ureai. Two small sun disk sit beneath the undulating snakes. The scarab is pierced longitudinally for suspension, which has some encrustation to the hole.

Date: Circa 1550 - 1189 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period, 18th - 19th Dynasty
Provenance: Ex private UK collection, Mr. DP, formerly acquired from a London dealership, BL, from 2004-2012.
Condition: Excellent condition. With clear detailing to the obverse and hieroglyps.


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The power and the deadliness of the scorpion was known to the ancient Egyptians, depicted on tombs and on monuments. In this instance, the inclusion of a scorpion most likely refers to the goddess Serqet, a protective goddess associated with venemous bites and snakes. Like most protective goddesses, her generosity and protectiveness was counterbalanced by a fierce, retributive nature. She was depicted with a scorpion on her head or as a female-headed scorpion. Due to her protective nature she was also associated with embalming process and re-birth. Her most famous depiction being on the alabaster chest that housed the canopic jars of Tutankhamun, shielding the visceral remains of the pharaoh.

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Dimensions L 1.5 x W 1 cm



Reference: For Similar: The Isreal Museum, Jerusalem, item 76.31.3586

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