Egyptian Steatite Stylised Cowroid from the Mustaki Collection

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A steatite stylised cowroid, with marking around the edge. The underside shows a recumbent lion over a neb-sign, with a sun disc over its shoulder. There is apparently no exact parallel, but the cowroid embodies cryptic writing of Amun.

Date: Circa 13th-10th century BC
Period: Late New Kingdom
Provenance: From the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed large collection in Alexandria (Egypt)
Condition: Very fine condition.


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Gustave Mustaki was an avid collector in the early 20th century, with his collection coming to the UK under Egyptian licence in 1947. Many of his pieces are in major museums worldwide, including the British Museum, the Getty Museum, and the Egyptian State Museum. We have purchased over 1700 scarabs from this collection, and this item has been catalogued by Carol Andrews (formerly Egyptian Department in the British Museum).

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Dimensions H 1.6 cm