Egyptian Turquoise Faience Scaraboid Dedicated to Amenemhet II


A delicate turquoise faience oval scaraboid decorated with three clear and defined hieroglyphs to the reverse. The amulet features from top to bottom; the circular sun disk, the broad collar ‘nbw’ sign and the arms raised ‘Ka’ sign. These three hieroglyphs transliterate as Nub-ka-re, throne name of the 12th Dynasty pharaoh Amenemhet II. Nubkare translates as “The soul of Ra is golden”.

Date: Circa 1069 BC - 332 BC
Period: Third Intermediate Period - Late Period
Provenance: Ex private London based collection, AH, formerly in English family collections acquired from the 1920s - 1990s.
Condition: Excellent. Very clear and precise hieroglyphs


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Amenemhet II was the third pharaoh of the 12th Dynasty. He had a relatively long reign, the highest recorded date attesting to a 35 year reign from 1922 – 1878 BC. His lineage is somewhat ambiguous, with his mother’s name known for certain, but there remains some obscurity as to who his father was. Most likely it was his predecessor, Senusret I. His name is recorded on various international destinations, showing us that he enhanced international relations.

Not all scarabs bearing a royal name are contemporaneous to the ruling pharaoh. Some kings were held in particularly high regard, and thus their name appears on scarabs hundreds of years after their reign.

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