Hyksos Period Egyptian Scarabs


A finely detailed selection of Egyptian scarabs featuring an incised reverse and pierced longitudinally for suspension.

Price is per each item. Please be aware the image is for reference of type. Some hieroglyphs on the reverse may differ to those shown.

Date: Circa 17th-16th centuries B.C
Period: Second Intermediate Period


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The term ‘Hyksos’ can be traced back to the Egyptian expression ‘heka khasewet’, which means, “rulers of foreign lands”. The Hyksos of the fifteenth Dynasty of Egypt, ruling during the Second Intermediate Period, were thus of non-Egyptian origin. They were probably Canaanite, and one tends to find the names of rulers on their scarabs.

The Hyksos Kingdom was centred in the eastern Nile Delta and Middle Egypt. It was limited in size, never extending south into Upper Egypt, and it had Memphis as its capital.

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Weight 21 g
Dimensions L 2 cm