Large Egyptian Steatite Scarab with Royal Cartouche


A steatite Egyptian scarab beetle amulet with incised features such as clypeus, prothorax and elytra marked by single lines. The reverse features a central, incised oval cartouche. It contains the hieroglyphs for the prenomen of Thutmose III, transliterating as Men-Kheper-Re. The cartouche is flanked either side by a large ostritch feather and a crude sun-disc. The feathers represent the goddess Ma’at.

Date: Circa 1479 - 1070 BC
Period: New Kingdom Period
Provenance: From the Gustave Mustaki collection, a collector of antiquities who amassed a large collection in Alexandria (Egypt).
Condition: Excellent condition. Pierced hole is blocked.


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Not all scarabs bearing a royal name are contemporaneous to the ruling pharaoh. Some kings were held in particularly high regard, and thus their name appears on scarabs hundreds of years after their reign. Thutmosis III of Dynasty XVIII was particularly honoured in this way, with his praenomen, Men-Kheper-Re, used on scarabs for a period of circa 1000 years.

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Weight 7.26 g
Dimensions L 2.3 x H 1.7 cm


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