Bronze Byzantine Oil Lamp Filler

£ 100.00

A  fine Byzantine oil lamp filler moulded in bronze. The item features a deep rounded bowl with a flattened bottom, from which extends a long channelled spout, a rear rosette handle and lateral lugs.

Date: 5th - 7th century AD
Provenance: Property of a North London gentleman; previously in a private collection formed in the 1990s.
Condition: Fine condition


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As the Byzantine Empire was a continuation of the Roman Empire in its eastern provinces, so too is there a strong continuation of the Roman style in Byzantine articles. The use of rosettes as decoration has a history that’s stretches as far back as 4thmillennium B.C. Egypt, and was a common decorative technique used throughout the Mediterranean during ancient periods. Oil lamps filler, such as this fine example, would have been used in either domestic or religious settings to replenish the oil lamps which were the main source of light at this time.

To disocver more about Byzantine art, please visit our relevant blog post: The Byzantine Empire, Art and Christianity.

Weight 38.1 g
Dimensions L 7.6 x W 4.8 cm