Greek Hellenistic Oil Lamp


An ancient Greek pottery oil lamp from the Hellenistic Period. Produced via a pottery wheel, this terracotta lamp was covered entirely with a black slip.  The object features a rounded body which tapers into an applied, rounded nozzle. The lamps features a large central filling hole, decorated with an incised circle. The sides are convexly curved and the shoulder slopes inwards towards the filling hole. The base features a raised ring base, deeply concave. Some earthly encrustation and wear upon the surface.

Date: Circa 3rd Century BC
Condition: Fine. Some loss of glaze and natural abrasions. Soot marks to the nozzle.


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Wheel-made lamps were crafted from the use of the old pottery wheel. The Hellenistic period brought forth the transition from wheel-made lamps to mould-made lamps, and from open top to closed lamps featuring a filling hole. The elongated nozzle with a flat top was a classic feature of Hellenistic Period lamps. This particular example is noted as imitation of attic ware, a piece influenced outside the Hellenistic period.

Weight 185.7 g
Dimensions L 8 x W 6 x H 4 cm


Pottery and Porcelain

Reference: For Similar: The Metropolitan Museum, New York, item 74.51.2146

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