Hellenistic Oil Lamp


A finely modelled Hellenistic oil lamp, featuring a decorated body with an elongated, rounded nozzle. Two concentric circle line the rim of the filling hole forming a channel, to either side of which there is radial fluting which extends round the majority of the shoulder, being broken by the nozzle, which is decorated with chevrons at its base, and by the ribbon handle. The lamp also features a lug to one side which is decorated with a spiralling motif. The base has a circular shape formed by two concentric circles.

Date: Circa 3rd – 1st century BC
Condition: Fine. Some encrustations and a tiny crack on the base.


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It is during the Hellenistic period that we see the transition from wheel-made lamps to mould-made lamps, and from open top to closed lamps featuring a filling hole. The elongated nozzle with a flat top and the volute side lug are both particular characteristics of Hellenistic period lamps. With the new methods of creating oil lamps came new approaches to their decoration and designs of both decorative and symbolic nature become more common. The old fashion of decorating with ornamentation or drawings was replaced by the new form of decorations in relief, created either by stamping or engraving.

Weight 63.1 g
Dimensions L 11 x W 5.5 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


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