Miniature Hellenistic Greyware Lamp


A Hellenistic mouldmade lamp of grey clay. The lamp has a biconical body and raised circular rim around a large central filling hole. The shoulder is decorated with radial bars grooved all round, with a set of four parallel lines running in contrary direction on either side of the nozzle. The lamp features a long bevelled nozzle with rounded tip: between the wick-hole and discus a decorative motif comprises three parallel lines, the middle of which divides and curls to form two small spirals towards the wick-hole. The lamp stands on a slightly oval base.

Date: Late 2nd – early 1st century BC
Period: Hellenistic Period
Condition: Excellent condition.


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It was in the Hellenistic period that the body of lamps began to appear engraved with geometric designs. The period also marked the beginning of fully-closed and mouldmade lamps, which ultimately replaced the preceding wheelmade lamps. The mould was an innovation because it allowed for mass reproduction of oil lamps, as well as greater variation in their size, shape, and decoration.

Dimensions L 9.2 x W 5 x H 2.8 cm

Pottery and Porcelain