Near East Clay Oil Lamp


This fine light clay oil lamp from the Near East, is decorated on the rim with four running dogs and an eight-spoked wheel on the base. The lamp also features a large filling hole, surrounded by a ridge, a channel, and a second ridge which extends down to the wick hole, thus forming a narrow trough. The handle of the lamp is in the conical form and a small motif can be observed between both holes.

Date: 7th - 10th century AD
Condition: Fine. Black soot deposits can be observed around the wick hole.

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The small, hand-held, wick-burning oil lamp was the main source of light for the ancient world, being not only the most efficient but also the most economical. This example dates from after the Islamic conquest of the Holy Land during the 7thcentury AD and common decorations for oil lamps of this period include dogs, fish, birds and mythical animals, as well as leaves, scrolls, grapes, flowers and rosettes.

Weight 117.2 g
Dimensions L 8.8 x W 7.7 cm

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