North African Roman Oil Lamp with a Young Woman

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A North African terracotta oil lamp with a red-slip glaze, featuring a long, canal nozzle with a rounded body and small, lug handle to the rear. The discus is decorated with a squatting female, perhaps a dancer from her elaborate dress and ornate shoes. She is portrayed gazing at her reflection as she holds a mirror in her hands. The shoulders are decorated with geometric motifs, whilst the reverse has been left undecorated.

Date: Circa 4th – 5th century AD
Provenance: Private Israel collection, SM. Israeli export license for the collection.
Condition: Very fine, complete and intact. Some loss of slip to the shoulders


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North African lamps were made by using a two-mold system, one for the front and one for the reverse, allowing makers to mass produce their wares. The scenes depcited were varied and ranged from daily life, mythology and Christian iconography.

Weight 149.8 g
Dimensions L 13 x W 7.8 cm

Pottery and Porcelain



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