Roman Oil Lamp with Star & Crescent Moon


A delicate Roman terracotta oil lamp, featuring a deeply set discus with a volute nozzle and lug handle to the rear. The discus is decorated and encircled with deep concentric circles.

The discus depicts a simple motif, decorated with a crescent moon and a single six-pointed star.

Date: Circa 1st - 2nd century
Provenance: From the collection of Arno Jumpertz, Leverkusen, Germany, 1924-1984. Much of the collection was exhibited at Neus museum, 1985.
Condition: Fine. Repair to shoulder near handle.


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The star and crescent moon refer to the Roman gods, Sol and Luna. Luna was considered the female and divine embodiment of the moon, whereas Sol represents the sun. Sol was associated with the Greek gods, Apollo and Helios, whilst Luna was associated with Diana, Juno and the Greek goddess Selene.

Weight 46.7 g
Dimensions L 10.3 x W 6.4 x H 4.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain

Roman Mythology



Reference: For similar iconography: The J. Paul Getty Museum, item 81.AQ.112.6