Roman Oil Lamp with Male Figure


A fine Roman oil lamp featuring a short volute nozzle and one filling hole to the deep concave discus. The discus appears decorated with moulded depiction of a young male figure, shown in profile and wearing a toga over his left shoulder. The toga and hair feature similar detailing and eyebrows can also be observed. On the rim of the lamp there is a dotted and triangular pattern which outlines the discus.

Date: Circa 2nd century AD
Condition: Fine, with a crack to the discus.

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The roman oil lamp, a product almost unparalleled in its distribution throughout the empire, developed towards the end of the Hellenistic period and was to keep its general shape longer than any other item of pottery throughout the Mediterranean. The vast trade networks set up with the expansion of the Roman empire allowed for this item to be spread across Europe, Eastern Asia and Northern Africa. Favourite subjects for decoration of oil lamps included gods and mythological scenes, scenes from everyday life, gladiatorial depictions, drawings relating to entertainment and theatre, and various animals, fish and birds.

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Weight 83.8 g
Dimensions L 9.3 x W 7.7 cm
Pottery and Porcelain



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