Roman Terracotta Oil Lamp with Makers Mark


A Roman terracotta moldmade oil lamp with a decorated discus and ring handle. The lamp features a rounded nozzle and plain, undecorated shoulders. A circular groove separates the shoulders and decorative discus scene. Two deeply incised adorn the discus, placed either side of the filling hole. The reverse features a base mark and maker’s mark to the centre. The letters L . M. ADI[EC] can be seen. The last two letters obscured by a large chip.

Date: Circa AD 90-140.
Provenance: Ex major S.M., London, Collection 1970-2010.
Condition: Very fine. Chip to the reverse and nozzle. Wear to the slip.

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The makers mark on the reverse refers to the workshop of Lucius Munatus Adiectus, which was active from AD 90 – 140. The workshop had branches on both mainland Italy and in North Africa. The dates of the workshop also correspond to the lamp’s type classification as Loeschcke type VIII, Bussière variant 4i. The Loeschcke type VIII is characterised by a circular body and short rounded nozzle. Due to the popularity and abundance of this type, the lamps have been further categorised by their nozzle variations.

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Weight 51.0 g
Dimensions L 9.5 x W 6.5 cm

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