Selection of Fine Ancient Roman Bronze Oil Lamp Fillers

A selection of fine Ancient Roman oil lamp fillers cast in bronze. Each piece features a hemispherical body, a small handle and a spout, used to pour oil into a lamp.

Date: Circa 3rd-4th century AD
Condition: Very fine condition.
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Ancient Roman oil lamps would usually have a tank, a pouring hole, a nozzle and a handle. With an oil lamp filler such as theses examples, the tank would be filled with oil through the pouring hole. A wick was inserted through the nozzle and would be ignited: like the wax of a candle, the oil would have been a slow fuel for the flamme. Finally, the handle protected the person holding it from burns. Oil lamps were at the time the main source of light, and their tradition continued during the Byzantine Period with slight changes in the decorations: handles, for example, would often take the form of rosettes.

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