Amlash Terracotta Cup

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A nicely modelled Amlash terracotta cup, featuring a well-proportioned hemispherical body resting on a conical stand with a flared base. A horizontal, looped handle is attached to the bowl’s rim on one side. The surface presents some earthly encrustations, attesting to the vessel’s history and age

Date: Circa 1st millennium BC
Condition: Fine, some erosion to the bowls belly.

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The term ‘Amlash Culture’, has generally been used to designate material cultures excavated at Gilan, an archaeological site on the southern shore of the Caspian sea, and refers to a group of Iron Age pottery and metal executions with a strong visual character. Amlash terracotta vessels , such as this fine example, might have been inspired by paralleled metal wares of the same period, and were used in funeral libation contexts, ritual occasions and in everyday life.

Weight 676.8 g
Dimensions W 21 x H 12.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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