Attic Black-Figure Terracotta Kylix


An Attic, terracotta, black-figure kylix, with D-shaped applied loop handles and a low pedestal foot. The body is decorated internally with a glossy black paint, featuring a series of concentric circles in the centre. The kylix is painted with a motif of palmettes and abstract floral patterns around the body. The lower part of the vessel, the handles, and the rim all boast a glossy black finish.

Date: 6th - 5th Century BC
Condition: Very fine condition; signs of ageing on the surface; a stress crack is visible on the lower part of the body.


The kylix was designed primarily for the drinking of wine, and was the most commonplace vessel for this purpose. This kylix is in particularly fine condition, and is substantial in its size.

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Weight 176.7 g
Dimensions L 16 x H 5.5 cm


Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For similar, see the Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Item 06.1021.111