Greek Stemless Terracotta Kylix

£ 500.00

A stemless terracotta Greek kylix (drinking cup), covered in a rich black gloss. The large, shallow body rests on a low concave foot. Two D-shaped handles protrude from the body on either side of the vessel. Collectors label is visible to the reverse.

Date: Circa 4th Century BC
Provenance: Collected in the 1930's/1940's by the former owner’s father.
Condition: Very fine condition, encrustation covers the surface.


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Southern Italy was populated by a vast number of Greek colonies from the 8th Century BC onwards – so much so that the Romans referred to the area as Magna Graecia – ‘Great Greece’. These Greek colonies were instrumental in bringing Greek culture and thought to Italy, greatly influencing Roman literature, philosophy, and material culture in turn. Greek pottery from Southern Italy is most easily identified by its glossy black finish, as is seen on this kylix.

To find out more about the different types of Greek vessels please visit our relevant blog post: Types of Ancient Greek Vases.

Weight 197.9 g
Dimensions W 20.2 x H 4.6 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item,The British Museum, item 1814,0704.630

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