Tang Yue-Ware Monochrome Glazed Ceramic Tea Set

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A beautifully glazed ceramic tea-set dates to the Tang Dynasty, featuring an evenly glazed shallow dish with its straight wall raising from a ring base. A central bowl, covered with an attractive turquoise glaze and featuring an everted rim and globular body, is placed in the centre, and encircled by six tea cups. Reflecting the typical Tang Yue-ware features, this beautifully glazed tea-set has a strong aesthetic appeal through its well-balanced, elegant shape and the perfect rendering of the white glaze which presents a nuanced colour variation between the yellowish-beige tone and the celadon glaze.

Date: AD 618-906
Period: Tang Dynasty
Provenance: From the collection of a West Country gentleman, formed in 1970s
Condition: Fine condition. This object has been professionally repaired. Tea cups are attached to the base.

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Monochrome glazes, fired at low-temperatures and rendering attractive turquoise and off-white colours, have been known since the Eastern-Han Dynasty (25-220 AD). Elegant monochrome glazes, such as green, turquoise and off-white, were mostly favoured when applied to small, delicate porcelain shapes within traditional Chinese ceramic art. Their simple and elegant visual renderings can be easily linked to the spirit of the traditional Chinese tea culture, which also emphasises simple yet sophisticated doctrines over complication and rich trimmings. The fashion of drinking tea and producing delicate tea-sets was prevailed in the Tang Dynasty (618-906 AD). However, tea-drinking customs and the production of tea-wares were well preserved and continued in Chinese latter chronological periods. Yue-ware, refers to a certain type of Chinese ceramics that are glazed with a transitional colouring tone between beige and turquoise, fired in low-temperature. The delicate colour variations presented by these ceramics give Yue-ware a high value in Chinese ceramic art.

Weight 1550 g
Dimensions L 23.5 x W 23.6 x H 8.4 cm
Pottery and Porcelain



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