Amlash Looped Handle Bowl


A finely executed Amlash beige clay bowl, featuring a deep, hemispherical container, a flattened base, and a horizontal, looped handle. Such handle would have allowed for an easy grip of the vessel.

Date: Circa 1st millennium BC
Condition: Fine, complete and intact.


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Numerous proto-urbanised cultures  once flourished in the land of Iron Age Iran, producing a wide range of potteries of various shapes and distinctive geometric and zoomorphic decorations. Amlash culture was one such civilisations, known for its creative pottery executions. In addition to the rich zoomorphic ornamentations that appear on numerous Amlash potteries, geometric repertories and spiked applications were equally favoured by Amlash pottery artists. Terracotta vessels, such as this fine example, might have been inspired by paralleled metal wares, and were used in either in funeral libation contexts, ritual occasions and in everyday life.



Weight 729.8 g
Dimensions W 24.4 x H 7.9 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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