Chinese Song Dynasty Jian ware Tea Bowl

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A Jian tea bowl with a dark, coarse-grained stoneware body of grey-brown. It is covered by a thick black/brown “hare’s fur” glaze, and stands on a small foot, the area around which has been left unglazed.

Date: Circa 12th-13th century AD
Period: Song Dynasty
Condition: Very Fine condition generally, with good glaze, a minor crack or scrape.
£ 150.00
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The Song Dynasty is renowned for its artistic achievements, both literary and visual, and is the most impressive era in later imperial Chinese history in terms of cultural development. The Song Dynasty is well-known in particular for its innovation of decorative ceramics and pottery.

In The Record of Tea, Cai Xiang (1012 – 67) noted: ‘Tea is of light colour and looks best in black cups. The cups made at Jianyang are bluish-black in colour, sometimes marked like the fur of a hare. Being of rather thick fabric they retain the heat, so that when once warmed through they cool very slowly, and they are additionally valued on this account. None of the cups produced at other places can rival these. Blue and white cups are not used by those who give tea-tasting parties.’

Wares produced at the Jian kilns in Fujian Province were used exclusively for the drinking of tea.

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Weight 105 g
Dimensions L 3.5 cm

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