Daunian Terracotta Dish


A fine Daunian terracotta dish featuring a wide shallow bowl with applied looped handles to either side of the rim. The vessel sits upon a small circular foot. The interior of the bowl is decorated with two concentric circles of ochre pigment. The pigment is also painted on the rim, the middle section of each handle, and the exterior of the foot. There is also an irregular paint stroke on the underside near the rim.

Date: Circa 500-400 BC
Provenance: Ex property of a North London gentleman; from a European collection of Italic native pottery, France, bought in Paris in the 1990's
Condition: Very fine condition. A few minor chips to the rim. The pigment is slightly worn is some areas consistent with age, earthly encrustation visible to the surface.

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The Daunians were an Italic tribe inhabiting northern Apulia in classical antiquity, before the Greek expansion in Southern Italy. Starting in the Late Bronze Age (11th century BC), a local ceramic production was developed in the region, characterised by a light coloured purified clay and decorations with simple geometric patterns. This production continued uninterrupted until the Hellenistic age, showing unique characteristics according to the different areas of the region.

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Weight 209.4 g
Dimensions W 19.3 x H 5.5 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


Reference: For a similar item,The Metropolitan Museum, item 66.11.8

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