Holy Land Terracotta Bowl


A finely sculpted Holy Land terracotta bowl, featuring a shallow container that rises from a flat base and then tapers into a prominent carinated shoulder. The vessel extends into a wide opening with a straightened lip. Earthly encrustation is visible across the surface.

Date: Circa 3rd-1st millennium BC
Condition: Fine condition, chips to the rim.


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Pottery vessels dated to the Late Bronze Age have been widely excavated across the Holy Land, indicating the close association between terracotta vessels and the proto-urbanised life. During the Late Bronze Age, pottery bowls, with either sharp or gentle carination design, are believed to have imitated the early practices on metal wares.  Most of the Bronze Age terracotta bowls from the Holy Land were made for daily purposes.

Weight 572.3 g
Dimensions W 16.5 x H 7.1 cm

Pottery and Porcelain


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